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Visa Logistics offers a variety of services, from Visa Facilitation for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and China, to Police Clearance Certification and Document Attestation.
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Attestation of South African Documents

We specialise in South African document attestation for use abroad. Our experts make sure your certification goes smoothly.

Police Clearance Certificate

We can help you with PCC or Police Clearance Certification via our consultation service. Visa Logistics will help fast track the process within 5 to 7 working days.

About Visa Logistics


When choosing Visa Logistics as your service provider you can rest assured that your visa process and document requirements are being dealt with by people who know the system well. Our staff members are also proficient in English, Arabic, and Afrikaans among other languages.

Independent and objective, we deliver lasting results across many practice areas in both the private and public sectors. Our clients vary from large to small as does the size of our engagements.
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