Police Clearance Certificates

Police Clearance Certificates

Police clearance certificates or a certificate of good standing is a vital document that proves if an individual has prior convictions.

It is an official document used to verify your current criminal status and serves to prove the applicant is of sound character. It can be used for various reasons, more importantly for visa applications, immigration or new work opportunities.

At Visa Logistics we are able to assist you with the expedited service of facilitating your South African Police Clearance Certificate, whether you are in South Africa or living abroad.

The process takes 5 to 7 business days from the day of submission at the criminal record centre.


    We DO NOT offer jobs, nor can we assist you in procuring a job at the South African Police Service.

    Please note: This is not a SAPS Job Application form, and we do not offer jobs at the South African Police Force.

    South African Police Clearance Certificate police clearance form south africa

    SAPS Form 91(a) is used by the South African Police Service to record fingerprints. You can download the official form 91a to see what information you may need to supply while getting your fingerprints recorded.

    You may be asked to provide fingerprints in a lot of government applications – including Police Clearance, Passport or VISA application.

    Click here to download the form

    Police Clearance Fingerprint Form SAPS91a February2017

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    Landline: (+27) 021 554 7861
    Alternate Number:: (+27) 21 905 6786
    Cell: (+27) 82 672 6786
    Whatsapp: (+27) 071 290 0165
    Fax: (+27) 86 519 5786


    Landline: (+27) 011 883 0029
    Mobile/Whatsapp: (+27) 61 430 1450

    When do you need a Police Clearance Certificate?

    There is no hard and fast rule for when you need a PCC.  In most cases you will need it when you:

    • Want to Emigrate.
    • Seeking permanent foreign residency.
    • Want a work foreign permit.
    • Certain Visa applications.
    • Certain types of occupations and studying abroad.

    All foreign employers will require this document as sign of trustworthiness.

    How long does it take to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate?

    Within 5 to 7 working days once the application is submitted at the criminal record centre, and if you have a prior conviction or criminal background, it can take 30 working days and longer.

    • We collect, deliver and expedite Police Clearance certificates locally, provided that it is not an outline or regional area.
    • Progress report on request, with unlimited feedback.
    • Can be done earlier with cost.

    For all our local clients, we offer a COLLECTION, EXPEDITE and DELIVERY service. NO ADDED FEES!

    1. We will collect your application at your home or work address.
    2. We start your expedited facilitation of your PCC at the criminal record centre the day after receiving your original documents”.
    3. We deliver your completed PCC to your home or work address, provided that it is not an outline or regional area.

    We keep you updated every step of the process. We track your completed police clearance certificate until its safe in your hands.

    Need to Track an existing application made by YOU through your local SAPS?

    At Visa Logistics we can assist you Track and Fast Track your existing Application.   How to apply: Call our office or send an enquire online and we will assist you with further information.

    We at Visa Logistics strive to provide the best and most efficient services to meet your needs and deadlines. We carry out all queries and processes immediately but we cannot be held liable if third parties or issuing authorities delay the process or if they do not issue your documents before the intended date. We cannot be held liable for any losses incurred with regards to flights and accommodation if visas or other documents are not processed in time.

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    Police Clearance Certificates

    What is a South African Police Clearance Certificate?
    Also known as PCC, Police Clearance, Arrest Record, Certificate of Good Conduct and Criminal Record, a police clearance certificate is an A4 certificate issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service (SAPS). These certificates are official documents issued as a result of a background check by SAPS declaring that a criminal record is either absent or present. These records my may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings.