If you intend emigrating or working abroad, you must apply for police clearance certificate at your nearest South African police station. Whether you are in South Africa or living abroad, we will be able to assist you. Within 5 to 7 working days your PCC will be completed.

Attestations take approximately 10 - 14 business days however, it is largely dependent on the documents which are required to be attested and the country that they are required to be attested for. List of countries that Requires documents to be Attested

  • Vietnam
  • UAE / Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ethiopia
  • Mozambique
  • Taiwan
  • Qatar
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Canada
  • Bahrain
  • South Korea

We provide a cost-effective and fast translation service to customers locally and abroad. Our main language pairs are Arabic – English and English – Arabic, but we can also provide translations from Arabic into other languages.

  • Unabridged/Abridged/Vault Marriage Certificate 6-10 weeks
  • Unabridged/Abridged/Vault Birth Certificate 6-10 weeks
  • Letter of Non-Impediment 2-4 weeks
  • Marriage Registrations 2-4 weeks
  • Death Certificates 2-4 weeks
  • ID/Passport 7-10 Business days
  • Retention Letter 6-10 weeks

Apostilles are needed when requiring stamped documents for use in countries that are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. Any country not appearing on this list is not a signatory and as such documents cannot be apostilled for that country and will instead have to be authenticated/attested.

When notarisation occurs, a notary public certifies the authenticity of any signature appended to a document.
Any document to be used Abroad must be legally authenticated by the High Courts.
This process is followed by which the signature and seal on an official (public) document are verified for usage in another country.

The SAQA Certificate of Evaluation indicates the recognition and verification of a specific qualification with a South African qualification registered on the NQF.

In essence, it forms part of an informative and lucrative process stating that your qualification is indeed authentic. Generally, this verification process is a requirement based on what the purpose of immigration is, as well as dependant on the immigration/work requirement of that of a specific country and embassy.

“The HPCSA, together with the 12 Professional Boards under its ambit, is established to provide for control over the education, training, and registration for practicing of health professions registered under the Health Professions Act.”

Generally, the purpose of having your medical report or physical examinations submitted to HPCSA is to confirm that the medicals are provided by a medical professional who is on the board and registered with the Health Professions Council of SA.