Frequently Asked Questions

Apostilles are needed when requiring stamped documents for use in countries that are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. Any country not appearing on this list is not a signatory and as such documents cannot be apostilled for that country and will instead have to be authenticated/attested.

Any document to be used Abroad must be legally authenticated by the High Courts.
For more information they should contact us directly and we can assist.
Yes. Should you require a police clearance certificate for presentation in any of the countries associated with the Hague Convention then we can assist with having it apostilled. If you require your police clearance certificate to be authenticated, apostilled, translated, or simply just couriered to a different office, we can assist you from A-Z, without you having to lift a finger.
Yes, Reprints are allowed for request before 3 months of the date stamp on the PCC. The applicant will need to redo fingerprints and reapply once the 3-month validity has expired.

Visa Logistics offers a bespoke Chinese visa service that provides advice, compilation of the application, submission and return.

Visa Logistics offers the fastest, safest, and most reliable police clearance certificate facilitation in Southern Africa! We expedite PCC’s within 5 to 7 business days and can assist you from anywhere in the world!
Visit your local South African Embassy / official fingerprint taker / local police station and get your fingerprints done. Your application will consist of your ORIGINAL FINGERPRINTS and please add a COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT. This application must be couriered to our office in South Africa.
Also known as PCC, Police Clearance, Arrest Record, Certificate of Good Conduct, and Criminal Record, a police clearance certificate is an A4 certificate issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service (SAPS). These certificates are official documents issued as a result of a background check by SAPS declaring that a criminal record is either absent or present. These records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings.
No this is not required; we will apply on your behalf.