Sworn Translations


Sworn Translations

Are you in need of a sworn translator, whether for legal, travel, Immigration, or any other purpose? Visa Logistics may just be the place for you, as we provide you with premium expertise in the matter, ensuring that you receive highly accurate translations when and as needed, regardless of it being used in your own home country or even abroad.

How Can We Help You?

Our Sworn Translating service covers practically any language that you need it to, which can then be used within several different industries. This can include:

  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Personal translations
  • Public sectors
  • Certificates
  • Travel
  • Immigration


To get started with our translation services, you simply need to forward clear copies of the documents required for translation. Once received a quotation will be issued and work will begin as soon as payment has been received. All completed documents can be courier back to you.


Why Choose US?

By choosing our services over other companies that provide similar services, you can expect expedited turnaround times that allow you to receive your documents as soon as needed. Our services are conducted by professionals with ample experience within the industry, ensuring that your translations are of high quality and received with complete accuracy. We have been able to help countless clients that are situated throughout the world, which has helped us build upon our preestablished knowledge regarding the varying dialects and languages that can be found worldwide.

We provide a cost-effective and fast translation service to customers in Cape Town and other parts of the world. We have tools and systems to ensure your documents maintain their layout and flow during the translation process cutting out time and costs.

Industry Knowledge

We have translators with backgrounds in many areas who are familiar with your content, audience, terminology, and specific linguistic challenges. Because we always assign native speakers in the language you are translating into, your content is fluent and familiar to your clients and suppliers.